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Embracing Unity aims to embrace the diversity of ability in our community, while focusing on the fact that disability is not inability. We embody the virtues of integrity and strive for change and equality. Embracing Unity delivers services to build independence and improve personal development. Embracing Unity’s launch was initially to deliver additional support in society for the differently abled. We believe in expanding our family by welcoming people of all abilities. Our inventiveness originated by perceiving what people living with chronic health conditions could advance to having given the right assistance accommodating their unique wants and needs. Embracing unity believes in uniting individuals of all unique abilities with their community in the most comfortable and supportful way possible. It is our belief that each and everyone deserves the chance to see and live life precisely the way they desire!

"My ability is greater than my disability"

Our Mission

Our Staff

Our Health Care Professionals are skilfully chosen to work with our clients. They are utterly empathetic and compassionate individuals that are committed to offering clients with their utmost qualified support possible. Our Health Care Professionals demonstrate excellent communication skills by not only verbalising communication but by being attentive to what clients have to say too. Most importantly our professionals genuinely have an empathetic nature and care about each individual’s capability and provide services to build on client’s independence and personal development.


Our Focus

Embracing Unity focuses on what individuals can do rather than what they can’t do. We believe that everyone has unique abilities and skills on which they can develop on given the right support. Observing individuals flourish into the sturdiest and most self-reliant part of themselves is what gives us the most gratification.

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